Before You Buy a Shawarma Machine Note These Things.

Before You Buy a Shawarma Machine Note These Things.

Although not every Nigerian you meet loves shawarma. It still remains a very popular snack in the country enjoyed mostly among upper and middle-class individuals. Shawarma is a traditional Middle Eastern Recipe made with thinly sliced roasted meat and vegetables wrapped in a flatbread. In recent times, this snack has become widely accepted in Nigeria and other African countries. Also, numerous shawarma spots are springing up by the day; this is a sure indicator that running a Shawarma business in Nigeria is very profitable (if only you know your way around the business).

If you decide to start your own shawarma business, apart from the ingredients, you’ll need to buy a shawarma machine. Now here are some essential things to take note of before getting one.

Location of Business

This is a major factor to consider. If your shawarma spot is located in a less populated area or one with mostly low-income earners, you won’t enjoy enough patronage. And the lower your patronage, the higher your cost of production which will result in little or no profit at all. If you are in the right location where high-end snacks like shawarma is accepted, you’ll be making more snacks and to do this, you’ll need a bigger machine. It won’t make much sense to buy a small machine only to find out that you have more orders than your machine can prepare properly and in time.

Design and Material

When you want to buy a shawarma machine, you have two options available. It’s either you go for a standard or customised design. The standard machine is very popular and you can find it on online marketplaces like,,, Amazon, and the likes or at your local market. However, if you have a high influx of orders and a standard machine isn’t adequate to cater for the quantity of meat you need to roast, you must consider constructing a customised shawarma machine. With this, you can implement some changes to the dimension of the machine, like the width, depth, height, capacity of the steel rod which holds the meat, as well as the heat intensity. Be aware that a customised design will obviously be more expensive than the standard type.

The material used to make the machine also determines its quality. You can get the one made out of aluminium which is fair in price or buy the food-grade stainless steel material if you want to enjoy a long-lasting shawarma machine.


Most shawarma spots are kiosk-like. Meaning they aren’t built with concrete or other secure building materials. Since this is the case, it might not be safe to leave your shawarma machine in your shop except you are absolutely sure of its safety. Before you buy a shawarma machine determine how you intend to store it after use on a daily basis. Knowing this will help you decide if you should get a machine that can be easily and effortlessly moved from one space to another.


Your budget determines a lot of things when you want to buy a shawarma machine. First, your location must have helped you determine what size of machine you need. The bigger the size, the more expensive it will be. Furthermore, the design and materials used to make the machine will either increase or reduce the cost of the shawarma machine. The type of grill will also add up to the cost of the machine as the rotating shawarma grill is more expensive than the fabricated flat grill.

Buying a cheap or small shawarma machine is a loss in the long run as it will take more time to prepare the snack if you have lots of customers. No one is willing to wait for hours before they get their shawarma. Do you want to buy a shawarma machine that is both functional and pocket friendly? You are in the right place, check out our store.