All You Need to Know About Planning An Event Amid COVID-19.

All You Need to Know About Planning An Event Amid COVID-19.

If there is one thing we know about the COVID-19, it is that we are meant to avoid physical contact and large gatherings, and if there is something we know about Nigerians, it is that we love our owanbe and the other events that we enjoy. So, how do we balance both? How do we enjoy our events while protecting ourselves from the Coronavirus? Is it even possible? Well, if you have asked yourself these questions, you need not worry! That’s what this article hopes to discuss; all you need to know about planning an event amid COVID-19. 

Invite Selective Guests

I know! We like crowd! I can understand a Nigerian event with few and selected guests but a Naija party with a few guests? That’s almost an anomaly.  How do we appease our grand uncle’s sister’s cousin in the village, who was removed from the list? We all know that’s the issue we face when writing a list for any owanbe in Nigeria. But we have to make changes due to the pandemic; there is really nothing we can do about it. Staying safe is paramount at this time, so they will have to understand. Plan your event with a few people that are extremely necessary to the event and for the sake of relationship; appeal to others and let them know they are not invited due to the pandemic. 

Use a Bigger Hall or Outdoor Venue

Social distancing is imperative when planning an event amid COVID-19; so make sure to put that in mind when choosing a venue. A small venue, especially when you know that your guests will be crammed in the space, will not cut it. Choose a bigger hall that is sufficient to accommodate your guests and also maintain social distancing. On the other hand, bigger halls can be expensive and we acknowledge that. So, alternatively, you can go for an outdoor event. Fields are relatively cheaper than large halls and you can use the compound of a house, depending on the type of the event. You can decorate it as you like and also maintain the social distancing conveniently. 

Spread Out the Guests

Remember that there is no point renting a large hall or field and filling the space to capacity whereby all the guests are breathing each other’s breath and you cannot avoid being touched. Instead, make sure that in the sitting arrangement, people are adequately spaced. Decorate the space in such a way that the required 6 feet distance is maintained. 

Use Takeaway

No event is complete without refreshment. In fact, if you are Nigerian, you know that jollof rice should be in your event if you want people to appreciate it. However, instead of the usual where people are served in trays, you can get takeaway for everything; drinks and cake and all snacks inclusive. You can put all the different refreshments in each pack to make it easier. 

Alternative Gift Ideas 

For guests, instead of getting the celebrants tangible gifts, you can opt for money. Some people might feel they need to attend an event because they want to give the celebrant their gift. You can give them monetary gifts to register your presence and reduce the number of people that have to attend; especially if you are not playing any key role in the event. Also, many people actually need money because of the effect of the pandemic, so you might be meeting a need unknowingly.

 In conclusion, celebrants and event organisers need a lot of cooperation in planning an event amid COVID-19. This is not a time to insist on attending an event where you don’t need to attend or get angry that you were not invited to an event. Remember coronavirus is not a joke and understand that people are trying to stay safe. Also, many people are trying to stay solvent due to the economic instability caused by the pandemic, so they might not even be able to afford more than a certain number of guests. Let’s try to be more understanding.

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